Horror Story: Raw Sewage & Flushable Wipes

So, we had a family of 5, two parents and their three huge football-player-type sons in a lovely older Spanish-style home. Our guest called and said the toilet was backing up into the shower and it was a big smelly disgusting mess. I sent a plumber over to snake the drain and our cleaners over to clean up the mess.

This house had never had a plumbing problem before but two days later he called and said it happened again and he wanted to be moved to another house.

This time I sent a different plumber with a camera to see what was going on inside the drain that it was clogging up. The first thing this plumber noticed was a package of “flushable wipes” sitting near each toilet and the camera confirmed that there were “flushable wipes” hanging on every little piece of rust or corrosion in the cast iron pipes that could possible snag one of those cloth wipes and he said they never break down. By the time I had this information, I had already moved them to a different property at their request. Now they were in a house that I owned! Great!

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